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An EchoPark store is designed with guests' comfort in mind, usually with lots of windows and modern, bright furnishings and fixtures.

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  • Front desk entrance at EchoPark is welcoming with modern architecture and bright interior.
  • Another view of an EchoPark store, showing a bright interior with modern fixtures and furnishings, and lots of windows.
  • The kids' area of an EchoPark store has colorful blue and green seating and tables, with toy cars on display and children's books to keep the little ones occupied.
  • Another view of an EchoPark store, showing a bright interior with modern fixtures and furnishings, and lots of windows.

At this location:

• Walk-ins & appointments welcome

• Café - coffee & snacks

• Imagine bar - research your next ride

• Take a spin - test drive before you buy

• Need cash today? Sell us your car, hassle-free

• Let the kids play in the Small Blocks fun spot

• No finance office, period

A happy new red car owner receives the key to his new ride from an EchoPark Experience Guide.

Post-sale questions?
We’ve got answers.

Have questions about your tags or title? Misplaced paperwork? Not sure which plans you purchased or how to file a claim? Our guest loyalty experts are ready to support you as a happy owner.

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EchoPark used car dealership Colorado Springs

At EchoPark Automotive in Colorado Springs, we offer a broad selection of vehicles at reasonable prices. We’re also the go-to dealership for a wide range of financing options and fantastic customer service that aren’t found in other Colorado Springs dealerships.

Trust us to give you a car shopping experience that will leave you happier than when you came in. Visit our used car dealership in Colorado Springs today.

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A car shopping experience you won’t find in other dealerships

We’re all about delivering the best car shopping experience in Colorado Springs. Unlike other dealerships, we place your satisfaction first as we give you the best used vehicles at affordable prices.

We specialize in more than used vehicle sales in Colorado Springs. We ensure a positive shopping experience for you and your family. Here’s how we’ve cemented ourselves as one of the best used car dealerships in Colorado Springs.

We don’t have salespeople. We have Experience Guides.

Other used car dealerships in Colorado have salespeople. We have Experience Guides.

Our Experience Guides make the car shopping experience all about you. Our guides will be with you throughout your shopping journey, going over everything from performance specs to financing. Our guides are there to ensure your satisfaction at every stage of the car-buying process.

Great value without haggling

Priced at up to $3,000 less than in other Colorado Springs dealerships, our vehicles are the epitome of value, giving you the most bang for your buck. With this kind of pricing, you can say goodbye to drawn-out negotiations and hello to fair and transparent car pricing.

Whether you’re getting your car online or from our showroom, you can bank on quality without the hefty price tag. That’s our guarantee.

Quality with no compromises

Each vehicle in our inventory undergoes our 190-point inspection to find and address any damages or issues. Our assessment is one of the most thorough of any used car dealership in Colorado Springs.

Once we’ve determined mileage and damage, we immediately carry out repairs and replace parts. We then take repaired vehicles on multiple test runs to ensure that they work and are safe for our customers.

Your happiness comes first

We go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. At every stage of the buying journey, our Experience Guides will be with you and address any concerns you may have. Our guides will answer questions to empower you to make informed buying decisions.

Our unique approach to customer service and used car sales in Colorado Springs has won over the trust of 73,000 customers (and counting). Check out our reviews section and see what our satisfied customers have to say.

Check out our five-star reviews

Our guarantee: Your satisfaction or your money back

When we say we care about your satisfaction, we mean it. If, for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied with your vehicle, bring it back to us within a week or 250 miles—whichever comes first.

Our selection of used vehicles

From stylish sedans to spacious SUVs, we have them all. Our Colorado Springs car dealership offers various vehicles for you to choose from.

Check out our wide selection in Colorado Springs.

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SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)

SUVs are popular for their spacious legroom and versatility. Their high ground clearance also makes them a go-to option for individuals looking for a vehicle that can handle various terrains.

Because of the storage space SUVs provide, they’re amazing for long car trips. Whether you’re going across the country or on a camping trip, an SUV is up for the task.

Browse our Colorado Springs SUV inventory


If you’re looking for unmatched storage and durability, a truck is your best choice. Trucks boast spacious rear storage that can carry large objects or heavy cargo. Besides their storage capabilities, trucks are also unmatched in their durability. Because of how sturdy these trucks are, you’ll find that they’re vehicles that can last for years.

Browse our Colorado Springs truck inventory


Sedans are four-door passenger cars that are perfect for individuals and small families. Sedans boast a compact size and fuel efficiency, making them the ideal options for those looking to save on gas. Also, sedans have a polished look that will turn heads.

Browse our Colorado Springs Sedan inventory


Hatchbacks are like sedans in size and fuel efficiency, but what sets them apart is their upward-opening rear storage. Their trunks provide greater storage capacity for larger cargo or luggage.

Due to their smaller size, they’re a breeze to maneuver and park. This quality makes a hatchback the perfect vehicle for city living.

Browse our Colorado Springs hatchback inventory


Are you traveling cross country with the whole family or a large group? If so, you can’t go wrong with a minivan.

Minivans boast spacious interiors and multi-row seating that’s perfect for large groups or families. Their wide side and rear openings are also ideal if you’re traveling with elderly or disabled individuals.

Browse our Colorado Springs minivan inventory

Offering Colorado Springs' #1 used car-buying experience

We’re not just a car dealership; we’re a destination for car buyers looking for a better car shopping experience. At EchoPark Automotive, we’re a cut above other Colorado Springs dealerships, giving you a top-tier customer experience and cars without the top-dollar price tag.

Experience the following when you contact or visit our Colorado Springs Experience Center.

Assistance in your car shopping journey

We help everyone who chooses us for their car-buying journeys. As soon as you contact or visit us, our Experience Guides will assist you and be with you as you find the vehicle that matches your budget, tastes, and needs.

We don’t pressure sell or resort to gimmicks. We’re all about helping you find your dream vehicle.

Every car question answered

No question is too big or too small for us. Whatever your inquiries are, we’ll answer them for you—online, by phone, or in person.

Try before you buy

Every customer has a right to know what they’re buying. We encourage all of our customers to test drive our vehicles.

Get ready to get behind the wheel and experience your potential ride first-hand.

Information on your vehicle at the tip of your fingers

Do you wish to know more about your potential new vehicle? Our Imagine Bar gives you all the information you’ll need at the click of a button.

Learn about our models, their specs, and mileage. Our Imagine Bar gives you access to these pieces of information and more.

Shop while the little ones play

Family is important, so we’ve made the car-buying experience an event that the whole family can enjoy—even your kids. We have a Small Blocks area where your kids can play as you shop away.

Protection for your ride 

At our dealership, you can also protect your car inside & out. At our dealership, you can also purchase a protection plan that has the following inclusions.

• Comprehensive personalized coverage:

• Select your preferred repair shop

• Finance all of the contract

• Can be canceled at any time

• Refunds for unused portions

Vehicle Service Contract: Includes personalized coverage plus the ability to choose the repair shop that you trust; as low as $48 a month

• Select your preferred repair shop

• Finance all of the contract

• Can be canceled at any time

• Refunds for unused portions

Appearance protection: The plan that helps keep your car looking like new; as low as $11 monthly

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP): The policy that helps you avoid financial loss if your vehicle gets stolen or is declared a total loss; only $17 monthly for this policy

Protect your car today

Sell your vehicle to us

Do you have a vehicle that you no longer want to drive? We’ll take it! We’ve created a simple process to help make the transaction easy. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Fill out and submit our online form. We’ll give you an offer in just seconds!

2. Take your vehicle to the nearby Experience Center, and we’ll assess the car’s condition.

3. If things go well, our team will give you your well-deserved check, and you leave with a smile.

Sell or trade your vehicle

Visit our Colorado Springs car dealership today

If you’re looking for a dealership that cares about your satisfaction, we’re here for you.

We’re located at 1626 Jamboree Drive close to Walmart Supercenter at 8250 Razorback Road. You can also reach us at (855) 783-9211.

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Which road should I take to get to EchoPark Automotive Colorado Springs?

Take North Academy Boulevard. Follow it past Olive Garden Italian Restaurant. Once you get past the restaurant, make a right. EchoPark Automotive will be on your left.

Do you have available parking?

We sure do, and the spaces are all accessible as soon as you come to our Experience Center.

Are you open every day?

We’re open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.