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Extended Service Contract for as low as $37 a month.

With EchoPark, get your perfect car plus an extended service contract for less than you would pay our competitors for just the car. Your ride is covered from day of purchase, plus:

  • Choose your own repair shop.
  • Finance 100% of the contract.
  • Cancel at any time and receive a refund of any unused portion.

*Coverage may vary for cars older than 5 years. Some vehicles do not have the option of extended service coverage.


Covers all the core systems

We cover all your car's core systems
  • Engine

    Average cost to repair $5,562

  • Transmission & driveline

    Average cost to repair $2,195+

  • Steering & suspension

    Average cost to repair $709+

  • Braking & traction control

    Average cost to repair $735+

  • Heating & cooling

    Average cost to repair $1,035

  • Fuel system

    Average cost to repair $879+

  • Electrical & computer

    Average cost to repair $800+

  • Hi-Tech

    Average cost to repair $865+


Coverage also includes

  • Improved resale

    The plan is fully transferable to the next owner, making it an added bonus.

  • Transportation

    Reimbursement of up to $40 per day for up to 10 days.

  • Towing

    Reimbursement of up to $100 in towing expenses.

  • Travel

    Up to $100 per day with a max of $500 per occurrence for food & lodging.

  • Fluids

    We replace fluids and a/c gases associated with a mechanical breakdown.

We offer protection priced to fit your car.

  • Cost of extended coverage starts at about $37/mo. ($2,695 total) and can roll into your monthly payment.

Questions about Extended Service Coverage?

My car is still under manufacturer’s warranty. Why do I need additional coverage?

Many manufacturer’s warranties do not cover all the core systems and electronics. The vehicle service contract will extend your coverage to cover the average time of ownership - which is 5 years or 75k miles. So you can drive happy knowing you don’t have to think about unexpected costly repairs.

Can the cost be added to my monthly payment?

Yes, you can easily add these into your financing through the checkout process online or when you come in store.

Can I purchase the protection plans later?

We cannot include the price of the protection plans in your financing after you make your purchase and take it home. An Experience Guide is happy to talk you through your protection options before purchase to answer all your questions. 

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