EchoPark Dallas has had a years-long partnership with Vogel Alcove that just keeps growing stronger.  On July 17th, the store welcomed 13 outstanding kids for an extended tour of all departments, complete with a big pizza and cookie party!  The kids, ages 9-12, were able to interact with volunteers in each department to learn more about how a car dealership works behind the scenes and also to learn about the opportunities available at EchoPark.  Of course, the kids provided just as much learning and fun to our EchoPark family with their valuable questions and vibrant personalities!  While several EchoPark employees have visited Vogel Alcove near downtown Dallas, it was the first time for us to host kids at the dealership.  While we were excited to take them on a tour of all the departments, from sales to reconditioning to purchasing, they were probably most excited about seeing the nearly 1,000 vehicles parked around the dealership!  

Vogel Alcoveā€™s mission is to counteract the trauma of homelessness with quality childcare and support programs for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years and their families.  Since 2015, EchoPark Dallas has provided guests an opportunity to donate $10 when they purchase their vehicle, which is matched by the company and given to Vogel Alcove to further their mission. 

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