Prepare Your Car for Spring at EchoPark® Automotive in Denver

Here at EchoPark® Automotive, it's a relief to us that we've finally turned the calendar to spring. Following the long winter months, it'll be a great feeling to get out of the house and enjoy all the Denver area has in store!

While warmer weather awaits, there's no denying that winter driving can take a serious toll on your car, SUV or truck. After all, it's hard work for your vehicle to trudge through ice, snow, potholes and even mud on a daily basis. Fortunately for you, there are a few simple ways to restore your vehicle's pre-winter condition before long. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below to get your car on the right track this spring!

  • Spring cleaning. First of all, it's about time that you've given your car's exterior and undercarriage a good cleaning. It'll highlight your car's style while washing it clean of corrosive road salt that can damage your car's appearance and effect performance. Luckily, you can enjoy a lifetime of free car washes when you buy a used car from an EchoPark Automotive location in the Denver area!
  • Tire Changeover. You’ve put your winter tires through the ringer over the course of many grueling winter months. Now, it's about time to give them a break and put them into storage for spring, summer and fall. Luckily for you, EchoPark Automotive is equipped to perform a fast and affordable tire changeover to get you back on the road in mere minutes!

  • Brakes, engine and transmission inspection. It's no secret that winter driving can wreak serious havoc on many of your car's critical components. Not the least of which is your vehicle's brakes, engine and transmission. Before you plan your next road trip, it's important to have your vehicle thoroughly inspect to assure it's in proper working order. Our highly-trained technicians will work their magic to keep your car running like a charm throughout the spring season and beyond.
  • Oil Change and Car Fluids. Lastly, it's necessary to restore your vehicle's vital fluids that have been depleted during winter driving. If your car has been exposed to extreme driving conditions, it might need an oil change earlier than expected. We also recommend checking window washing, power steering, brake and cooling system fluids that are overused throughout winter.

If you require any of the above services, we can take care of it right here at EchoPark® Automotive. Just make sure to schedule a service appointment online before visiting one of our locations in Stapleton, Thornton or Centennial to get started today!