At EchoPark®, each vehicle goes through our rigorous 190-point Quality Assurance Inspection, which includes a road test and a thorough check to make sure it meets our high standards for operation, detailing, and appearance.

EchoPark® technicians complete any necessary repairs, maintenance, and reconditioning, to eliminate unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses for our guests. While all vehicles need ongoing maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer, we believe our inspection, combined with any existing manufacturer's warranty and a CarFax report with no reported accidents, should give you new-car assurance at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new.
buy with confidence; all our vehicles pass a 190-point inspection

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Here are some of the points we inspect:

    Road Test
  •         Engine starts and idles properly
  •         Instrument panel lights
  •         Panel warning lights
  •         Remote start system and locks operation
  •         Engine accelerates and cruises properly
  •         Engine noise normal at all speeds
  •         Transmission works smoothly
  •         4X4 operates correctly
  •         Transmission noise normal (hot/cold)
  •         Shift interlock operates properly
  •         Drive axle/Transfer case noise normal
  •         Clutch operates normally
  •         Steering normal
  •         No vibration or pulling to left/right
  •         Struts/Shocks operate properly
  •         Cruise control operates properly
  •         Gauges operate properly
  •         No abnormal wind noise
    Vehicle Exterior
  •         No evidence of major damage
  •         All locks and release mechanisms work
  •         Power sliding doors work
  •         Grill, Trim and roof rack all ok
  •         Deployable running boards work
  •         Side mirrors
  •         Wiper blades condition
  •         Front, Rear, Side Lights
  •         Brake lights
  •         Front and Rear Turn lights
  •         Hazard lights
  •         Auto on/off lighting
    Vehicle Interior
  •         Air bags
  •         Safety belts
  •         Sound and entertainment system
  •         Rear entertainment system (DVD)
  •         Antenna
  •         Alarm Anti-theft system
  •         Navigation system and disc
  •         Front and Rear Air conditioning System
  •         Front and Rear Heating System
  •         Defog and Defrost system
  •         Clock
  •         Set Time and Date on Clock
  •         Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel
  •         Steering column lock
  •         Steering wheel (nav/sound/etc.) controls
  •         Horn
  •         Warning Chimes
  •         Wipers work
  •         Washers work
  •         Interior courtesy, map, dome lights
  •         Rear view mirror and auto dimming
  •         Power or manual side mirrors
  •         Blind spot information system
  •         Rear view camera
  •         Power outlets front and rear
  •         Ashtrays front and rear
  •         Glove box and central arm rest/console
  •         Sun visors, vanity mirror, lights
  •         Adjustable pedals
  •         Front power seat controls and heating
  •         Rear power seat controls and heating
  •         Manual and Folding seat operation
  •         Integrated child safety seats
  •         Sunroof/moonroof
  •         Convertible top
  •         Door handles and release mechanisms
  •         Window controls
  •         Remote tailgate and deck lid
  •         Fuel filler door release
    Luggage Compartment
  •         Compartment light
  •         Tool kit, tire inflator kit and jack
  •         Spare tire size, type and condition
  •         Engine oil, oil filter and chassis lube
  •         Coolant, level and leaks
  •         Brake Fluid, level and leaks
  •         Transmission fluid, level and leaks
  •         Power steering fluid, level and leaks, Pump
  •         Washer Fluid
  •         Belts
  •         Cooling fans, clutches and motors
  •         Coolant recovery tank
  •         Engine air filter
  •         Battery
  •         Hybrid cooling system
  •         Switchable powertrain mount
  •         Hybrid Entertainment/Information display
  •         Frame damage
  •         Exhaust system good condition
  •         Universal joints, CV joints and joint boots (all)
  •         Transmission mounts (cracks, leaks)
  •         Calipers and wheel cylinders
  •         Brake pads and shoes
  •         Rotors and drums
  •         Brake lines, hoses and fittings
  •         Parking brake
  •         Master cylinder and booster
    Tires and Wheels
  •         Front tires match and tread depth/wear ok
  •         Rear tires match and tread depth/wear ok
  •         Tire pressures
  •         Wheels, covers, caps all ok
  •         Control arms, bushings and ball joints
  •         Tie-rods and idler arm
  •         Sway Bars, links and bushings
  •         Wheel alignment
  •         Wheel Balancing