Get an Extended Service Plan for Just $1 a Day

EchoPark offers the comprehensive extended service contract.

Why choose an extended service contract through EchoPark?

  • Provides protection for 5 years from the day you purchase your vehicle, or for 75,000 miles on top of the mileage already on the odometer, whichever comes first
  • Coverage includes roadside assistance, alternate transportation and trip assistance
  • You choose your repair facility
  • Never pay more than a low $100 deductible
  • Cancel at any time and receive a refund of any unused portion
  • Finance 100% of the contract price for about $1 a day

Extended Service Contract Pricing

EchoPark offers simple, transparent pricing on its extended service contracts. Prices correspond with vehicle makes below

EchoPark warranty coverage infographic

My vehicle is still under manufacturer's warranty. Why should I purchase additional coverage?

More miles on your vehicle means it's more likely something will go wrong. Our comprehensive service contract works alongside your manufacturer's warranty, in many cases covering additional mechanical features, and extends your coverage for 5 years or 75,000 miles, whichever comes first. Plus, our extended contract covers items that are connected to repairs such as towing and rental car. Comprehensive roadside assistance is included.

Can the cost be added to my monthly payment?

If you are financing your vehicle, your small additional investment in each payment can protect you from incurring any large, unexpected out-of-pocket expenses that can certainly be a blow to a monthly budget.

Can I purchase the vehicle service contract later?

No, it must be purchased at the time of the sale.

For the exact coverage and details of the plan, please call us and speak to an EchoPark team member.