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Published August 09, 2021

Should I sell my car?

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Image shows a woman sitting with a toddler and baby in the open liftgate of a SUV, with mountains in the background.

There could be any number of reasons why you are considering selling your car. Maybe you want to upgrade to a newer model, or you’re looking for something bigger that can fit a growing family.

All these circumstances can have a huge impact on your decision, but there are other things to consider too.

Things to think about when you’re considering selling
What condition is my car in?

It’s important to check the current condition of your car. This includes the:

  • Car body
  • Tires
  • Suspension
  • Pedals
  • Seats
  • Battery
  • Engine
  • Fluids

The better the condition of the car, the more money you’ll get towards a replacement, so try to sell it before it gets too worn down.

If you think it’s past this point, it can still be sold for scrap – especially if it’s costing you more than it’s worth to get it fixed.

Do I need a new car?

If your situation has changed and your current car no longer fits your lifestyle, then the likelihood is that you need a new car.

Whatever your reasoning, it’s a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons of keeping your current car, and whether now is the right time to sell.

How much will a replacement cost?

When it comes to buying, selling or replacing a car, cost is a huge factor.

You need to look beyond the price of the car you want to consider the running and upkeep. Ask yourself:

  • What type of gas does it run on?
  • How quickly does it consume gas?
  • Does it need work done to it?
  • How much will the insurance be?

Once you know the answers you can start to calculate the overall cost, compare it to your current situation and make an informed decision.

When is the best time to sell my car?

The spring and summer months are known as the ideal time to sell.

How much is my car worth?

To work out the potential sale price, you’ll need to do some research about the make and model, including its year.

Combining this information with the current condition, mileage and any damage will give a good indication of its value.

You can find an estimate of how much your car is worth on our trade-in page.

Should I sell or trade in my car?
That mainly depends on your reason for wanting to sell.

If you want to upgrade, you might have a specific car in mind that is not available from your local dealerships.

Selling your current vehicle for cash might give you the flexibility to look elsewhere and contact private sellers. However, there are also some key benefits to trading in your vehicle:

  • Saving money on a new car – car dealers will usually give you a bonus discount if you opt for a trade-in and purchase one of their vehicles.
  • Reduced sales tax – depending on where you live, some states have a high sales tax that can add to the cost of a new vehicle. With trade-ins, you only pay the sales tax on the cost difference between the new vehicle’s price and the trade-in value.
  • You don’t have to worry about selling your car – instead this becomes the dealership’s responsibility and you can walk away knowing you got the car you wanted without the hassle.
Tips for selling your car

Once you’ve decided you want to sell, it’s time to work out the best way to sell it so you can get the best value.

Get repairs before selling

If there are issues with the car, such as body damage or broken headlights, you might consider getting them fixed before selling. Just make sure you calculate the costs of the repairs to check if they will actually add value to the sale. 

Try not to be emotional

While the car may mean a lot to you, it’s best to keep an objective mindset when deciding on a price.

Be careful with test drives

While test drives are a great way to let a potential buyer get a feel for the vehicle, you shouldn’t let someone test drive the car alone. Also, you should also ask for their name, contact details and proof of insurance to make sure they are legally allowed to drive.

Accepting the first offer

It’s not very often that the first offer you receive is your best offer. So it’s usually best to get a few offers in the mix before you agree to a sale.

Clean your Car

While repairs may cost more than they’re worth, cleaning the car or getting it detailed can be a worthwhile way to show prospective buyers that the vehicle has been well looked after.

Keep maintenance records

Try to compile all the essential paperwork a buyer might want to look at before agreeing to the purchase. This varies by state, but usually includes things like a bill of sale, an odometer certification, the title and vehicle history report.

Get the car inspected before sale

This way, if there’s an issue, you’ll already know about it and can either get it fixed or add it to the advertisement.

Sell or trade in your car with EchoPark

Whether you decide to sell your car or trade-in for a newer model, EchoPark can help you through the process.

Take a look at our used cars to see if anything fits the bill for your next ride or head to our trade-in page to find out your car’s worth.

Want to learn more?

Chat with us or learn more about EchoPark.

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