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Published February 06, 2024

Chrysler Pacifica or Kia Carnival: Which is the better value?

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A composite image showing a red Chrysler Pacifica and blue Kia Carnival driving.

Finding a car to accommodate your growing family can feel overwhelming in a world dominated by SUVs, leaving you scrambling to find an option better suited to your family’s needs. One popular solution that provides the perfect balance of size and convenience for growing families is the minivan, another excellent option to accommodate families of varying sizes.

While you might be interested in finding a minivan for your family, the process isn’t always easy. Many people have difficulty acquiring certain new models with back order lead times between 2—6 months. This time frame isn’t always feasible for families that need a new car fast.

However, buying a new car isn’t your only option. It’s time to start exploring used minivans like a Chrysler Pacifica or a Kia Carnival. Though new cars depreciate when they leave the lot, used vehicles have already depreciated in value and are likely to maintain their purchase value better than new vehicles.

As price normalization continues spreading throughout the used car market, more and more families are turning to used minivans as a viable alternative to a new vehicle. When you take time to find the best used car provider, you can save significantly on your vehicle purchase—especially when you choose providers like EchoPark, which offers purchasers vehicles for up to $3,000 below competitors.

The Chrysler Pacifica and the Kia Carnival are two of the best options for minivans. Both vehicles have unique features and advantages, making them a fantastic choice for growing families. But what are the specific features of these vehicles that make them valuable for your family, and is buying a used car a better alternative to a new vehicle? Read more to find out!

Chrysler Pacifica Vs. Kia Carnival features: Which are better?

A used Chrysler Pacifica has many benefits, and the same can be said for a used Kia Carnival. However, given the distinctive features of each option, one might be better suited to your family’s needs than the other. So, what are the features of each vehicle that make them suitable for your family? Below is a breakdown of each vehicle’s core features that make it unique for car buyers.

Chrysler Pacifica features

Chrysler Pacifica
Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica is a popular minivan suitable for families of different sizes. This minivan has numerous advanced and distinctive features that make it suitable for families, and a used Chrysler Pacifica is an excellent choice to save money while still gaining all the benefits of a minivan. Below are some of the features that make the Chrysler Pacifica stand out.

1. Navigation system

Chrysler Pacifica interior highlighting the in-dash navigation system.
Chrysler Pacifica navigation

One of the defining features of a used Chrysler Pacifica is the vehicle’s advanced navigation system. The Pacifica comes with Chrysler’s TomTom advanced navigation system, a solution that delivers real-time traffic updates, provides helpful travel information, and allows you to tailor your trip to your specific needs by offering customizable trip maps. These maps include information about different points of interest, fuel pricing for different locations on your route, and more to enhance your trip.

Along with the TomTom navigation system, the Chrysler Pacifica provides traffic and travel services to help you along your journey. These services help avoid traffic congestion, roadwork, accidents, and road closures. Based on this information, the Chrysler Pacifica helps reroute you when necessary and gives information about your estimated arrival time to ensure you navigate traffic like a pro.

2. Ample space and seating configurations

A women folds the stow-and-go seating inside a Chrysler Pacifica minivan.
Chrysler Pacifica stow-and-go seating

A 2022 Chrysler Pacifica for sale will also provide an innovative seating and storage solution to help you adjust your vehicle to your family’s specific needs, guaranteeing you have the space you need for a comfortable ride.

This car seats up to eight passengers and has a whopping 243 different seating configurations, allowing you to customize your ride unlike any other vehicle. If you don’t need to use all eight seats, you can change your car’s configuration to provide ample storage space—making your next family vacation a breeze.

Chrysler Pacifica interior highlighting the 3rd row seating.
Chrysler Pacifica 3rd row seating

The Pacifica also boasts a unique Stow ‘n Go® Seating and Storage system, which allows drivers to swap storage for additional seating with impressive ease. And if the seats aren’t in their stowed position, there are in-floor bins that provide more storage space. The result is a highly customizable interior that can meet your needs on the go.

3. Lane departure warning

A used Chrysler Pacifica has multiple safety features to provide you and your family a secure ride. One of these features is the car’s lane departure warnings, which alert you if you’re drifting into the wrong lane to help you avoid crashes and collisions. The Pacifica’s LaneSense lane departure warning also provides lane keep assist features, automatically guiding you back into your lane when you accidentally drift away.

4. Forward collision warning

Investing in a safe and secure vehicle for your family is important—and a used Chrysler Pacifica is one of the best options for keeping you and your family safe during your drives. This vehicle provides an advanced full-speed forward collision warning system with automatic active emergency braking.

The forward collision warning system offers visual and audible warnings when collisions are likely to occur, giving you notice so you can take action to protect yourself. The automatic emergency braking system further helps protect your vehicle by bringing the car to a full stop when collisions are about to occur.

5. Adaptive cruise control

The Chrysler Pacifica also offers an adaptive cruise control system with Stop and Go technology to adjust your vehicle’s speed when surrounded by other cars. The adaptive cruise control system implements sensors to maintain a specific distance between your car and the car in front of you, with speeds up to highway standards so you can use your cruise control no matter the speed limit.

6. Rear park assist

The Chrysler Pacifica offers a rear park assist system in its advanced ParkSense solution, providing you with visual and audible notifications about the distance between the rear of your vehicle and any objects obstructing its path. When the ParkSense system detects an obstruction that would cause a collision, it causes your vehicle to automatically brake, providing a level of protection that makes it a viable option to keep yourself, your family, and your car safe and sound.

7. Keyless start

The Chrysler Pacifica stands out from other vehicles because of its keyless start feature, allowing you to get your vehicle up and running without inserting keys—and eliminating the potential for losing access to your car. As a security feature, you still need your key fob to initiate the starter mechanism, but there’s no more fumbling around in the dark trying to fit your key in the ignition.

This system provides a fob that transmits a low-frequency signal to your car’s system, allowing you to start your car with the push of a button. It’s incredibly convenient and far less time-consuming than digging through your bag to find your car keys.

8. Blind spot monitoring system

Even if you’re a cautious driver, you can’t always be aware of what’s happening around your vehicle—especially regarding your car’s blind spots. To solve this problem, the Chrysler Pacifica provides a blind spot monitoring system, alerting you when another vehicle enters one of your blind spot zones.

By notifying you of movement in your car’s blind spots, the Chrysler Pacifica helps keep you safe and ensures you make smart lane-switching decisions that protect you and your passengers.

9. Premium audio system

One of the stars of the Chrysler Pacifica interior is its premium audio system, including satellite radio and 13 Alpine speakers, for a unique audio experience. The 2023 Chrysler Pacifica goes a step further, providing a 19-speaker premium audio system and a 10-inch subwoofer to ensure premium and superior audio quality—so you and your family can enjoy your favorite tunes while kicking back and enjoying the ride.

10. Built-in vacuum

A feature of the Chrysler Pacifica that makes it stand out from the competition is its built-in Stow ‘N Vac technology, giving you access to a built-in vacuum that makes cleaning up spills easier than ever. This vacuum is perfect for families with children prone to spills—meaning you no longer have to worry about cleaning up those pesky Cheerios that seem to get everywhere whenever a spill happens!

11. Performance and engine specs

The Chrysler Pacifica stands out in the minivan segment with a robust performance backed by a 3.6-liter V6 engine, producing approximately 287 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. Its smooth-shifting 9-speed automatic transmission contributes to an elevated driving experience.

The Pacifica also comes in an available AWD system for improved traction in slick road conditions. And for those who prioritize fuel efficiency, the hybrid version impresses with its plug-in hybrid technology, which combines electric and gas power for a more environmentally conscious driving experience.

Kia Carnival features

Kia Carnival
Kia Carnival

While a used Chrysler Pacifica has many unique features that help it stand out from the crowd, a Kia minivan like the Kia Carnival is also a wonderful option for you and your family. Previously known as the Kia Sedona, finding a Kia Carnival for sale is the perfect way to enjoy your ride while feeling safe and secure. Below are the specific benefits and features of the Kia Carnival to help you find the perfect Kia Sedona for sale.

1. Lane departure warning

One feature the Kia Carnival has in common with the Chrysler Pacifica is its lane departure warning feature. This feature also comes with lane-keeping and lane-following assist features, alerting you if you’re drifting into the wrong lane and keeping you within your lane if the vehicle detects unnatural lane changes.

The Kia Carnival’s lane departure warning is the perfect feature to keep you and your passengers safe, allowing you to prevent accidents and collisions that could damage your vehicle and jeopardize your safety.

2. Apple CarPlay

Image shows the steering wheel and dashboard of a Kia-Carnival highlighting the Apple car play display.
Kia Carnival

Practically a must-have in modern vehicles—Apple CarPlay—it’s the simplest way to connect your phone to your vehicle for a smoother journey. This feature enables your car radio to display your phone on your dashboard, meaning you can make calls without using your hands, listen to your favorite playlists, and more.

Additionally, Apple CarPlay has the benefit of a digital car key that makes unlocking and starting your vehicle easier than ever before—ensuring you can enjoy your iPhone to the fullest extent whenever you drive.

3. Android Auto

If you don’t have an Apple device but still want to enjoy all the best entertainment features of your Kia Carnival, you’re in luck: the vehicle also provides Android Auto, an app available on the Google Play store that mirrors the features of your Android device onto your car’s dashboard. Like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto allows you to mirror apps on your vehicle’s display, connecting you to phone calls, music, and more entertainment features so you and your family can love each journey you take.

4. Forward collision warning

Like the Chrysler Pacifica, the Kia Carnival provides a forward collision warning system, alerting you with visual and audible warnings when your vehicle is about to hit an object in front of you. This system also allows your car to come to a stop with an emergency braking system that protects you and your vehicle from harm.

When you choose the Kia Carnival, you can ensure a safe and secure ride that not every vehicle can provide—which is one of the reasons why the Kia Carnival is a top safety pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

5. Third row seating

Kia-Carnival 3rd row seating
Kia Carnival 3rd row seating

Another feature the Kia Carnival has in common with the Chrysler Pacifica is its seating capacity, containing three rows for eight seats to fit you and all your loved ones comfortably. Seats can be folded down to create extra storage space, meaning you’ll have plenty of room for your family’s future trips and journeys, no matter how much you need to bring with you. The Kia Carnival is a spacious option that leaves you room to grow if you’re considering expanding your family!

6. Parking sensors

The Kia Carnival is equipped with advanced parking sensors, ensuring you park safely and securely no matter how tight of a fit your parking space is. These sensors alert you if you’re about to run into something and help you navigate your parking space without hitting any other objects—perfect for packed parking lots that leave little space for errors.

7. Blind spot monitors

Another feature the Kia Carnival has in common with the Chrysler Pacifica is its advanced blind spot monitoring system, which alerts you when vehicles or objects obstruct your car in places you can’t see. This monitoring solution keeps you and your passengers safe from obstructions that you can’t spot yourself—guaranteeing a secure ride no matter what.

8. Keyless start

The Kia Carnival also comes with a keyless start solution, making it easy to start your car without having to search forever to find your keys only to realize you left them in the house—or that your children took them as a new toy! This keyless start makes the Kia Carnival one of the top options for family minivans and a convenient solution to some of life’s simplest but most frustrating obstacles.

9. Backup camera

The Kia Carnival comes with a convenient backup camera to ensure you have a complete view of your vehicle’s surroundings, no matter how daring your parking job is. With this camera, you can ensure you’re parking in the right spot while preventing your vehicle from hitting anything obstructing its rear end, guaranteeing a comfortable ride with no bumps in the road.

10. Anti-theft system

Keeping your car safe from individuals outside your family is essential, especially when car thefts are on the rise. The Kia Carnival keeps you safe through its advanced anti-theft system, setting off an alarm if one of the following situations occurs when your system is armed:

• Your tailgate is opened without using the smart key

• Your engine bonnet is opened

• Doors are opened without using the smart key

When potential car theft is detected, the Kia Carnival sets off horn sounds and warning lights that go off until you unlock your vehicle using the smart key—deterring theft and ensuring your vehicle is always safe, even when you aren’t around.

11. Performance and engine specs

The engine bay of the Kia Carnival highlighting the V6 engine powerplant.
Kia Carnival performance

The Kia Carnival combines ample spaciousness with surprising performance. Basic trim typically features a 3.5-liter V6 engine capable of delivering 290 horsepower. With its well-tuned suspension and torque, the Kia Carnival offers a comfortable ride and precise handling for a minivan.

Additionally, the Carnival comes with AWD options that enhance traction and stability, particularly in challenging road conditions. For eco-conscious consumers, there are also hybrid variants available, featuring a fuel-efficient powertrain.

The Kia Carnival is known for its versatility, making it an ideal choice for families seeking a blend of performance, comfort, and modern amenities.

Why is buying a used minivan more valuable for families?

Buying a used Chrysler Pacifica or a used Kia Carnival for sale is an option that suits many families compared to buying a brand-new vehicle. But what are the reasons why buying a used minivan is more valuable for families than buying a new vehicle? Below are some of the top reasons.

Buying a used car saves you money

The most obvious benefit of buying a used car over a new one is that it saves you money—in more ways than one. The initial cost of purchasing a used car is already lower than the cost of purchasing a new car, but you’ll save a significant amount in monthly payments.

On average, buying a used car saves you $200 per month, meaning you can save thousands by choosing a used vehicle.

Less depreciation

New cars start to lose value as soon as they leave the lot—within the first year of owning a new car, the average vehicle loses a value of 30 percent. One reason why buyers choose used vehicles is that they depreciate at a much slower rate. These vehicles have already experienced the major depreciation period during the first year of ownership. Because of this, used cars are often a wiser investment than new vehicles.

Certified pre-owned options

To rival some of the certified pre-owned options available on the market, EchoPark has an impressive (and thorough) 190-point inspection process. This scrupulous inspection process covers every aspect of the vehicle, providing customers with a boost of confidence in their purchase. Furthermore, the 190-point inspection process covers a lot of the same checks as certified pre-owned options.

The thorough examination not only enhances safety and reliability but also sets EchoPark apart, delivering a premium and trustworthy pre-owned car-buying experience. For added peace of mind, buyers can peruse EchoPark’s robust vehicle protection plans as well.

Vehicle history reports

Another benefit of choosing a used vehicle over a new one is that, when you buy a used vehicle, you receive a detailed CarFax vehicle history report that explains the car’s history, including details about title issues, mileage, accident history, and more. These reports allow you to make informed choices about your purchases and set the tone for what you can expect from your new vehicle, giving you more confidence and security in your purchase decision.

Lower insurance rates

Buying a used car saves you in more ways than one—another way you can save with a used vehicle is the lower insurance rates these cars have. Used vehicle insurance is lower because auto insurance premiums are determined based on the car’s market value. You’ll have a much lower premium with used cars, saving you significantly over time.

Avoid quality issues

In some situations, new vehicles run into unexpected issues or vehicle recalls that are only apparent after your purchase. Used vehicles are reliable because they avoid common quality issues that new cars face, providing proven reliability and protection. The previous owner has likely addressed initial quality issues and concerns, which can help you feel secure with your choice to buy used.

Variety of available vehicles

While you might not assume that there’s a wide range of options for used vehicles, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Used vehicles come with various options across different makes, models, and styles, giving you an unmatched level of flexibility.

The used vehicle market often offers unique vehicles no longer available in the current car market. You can also shop for different years of your preferred model and compare the features and benefits of each to make the choice that’s perfect for you and your family.

Shop used vehicles at EchoPark

Finding the perfect used minivan is the key to a comfortable and secure ride for you and your family. Growing families can consider the Chrysler Pacifica for numerous reasons, including its reliability and unique details like a navigation system, safety features, and built-in vacuum. While the Chrysler Pacifica has many distinctive features, the Kia Carnival is another option for families looking for a trustworthy and affordable minivan to fit the whole family.

Whether you’re looking for a used Chrysler Pacifica or a Kia Carnival for sale, you’ll find the vehicles you’re looking for with EchoPark. EchoPark features a range of used cars, from Kia vehicles to Chrysler models and more. EchoPark has all the vehicles you need to find a safe ride for you and your family available at affordable prices of $3,000 below market.

Choosing EchoPark ensures you’ll find a reliable used vehicle from a trustworthy Chrysler Pacifica dealer and helps you make a decision you feel confident about. Explore the range of cars available from EchoPark by viewing our inventory or schedule a test drive with EchoPark today.

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