Selling and Trading FAQs

I'm ready to sell my vehicle. What are my options?
You've got a couple. You can choose to sell your car to us, or we can help you sell it to a private buyer. Regardless, we'll start by helping you figure out what it's worth. Let's get started.

How is selling a car with EchoPark® different?
We're glad you asked. Short answer? We make selling with us as friendly, streamlined and stress-free as possible. Our appraisal process is simple and extremely hands-on. Our appraisal experts will walk you through as they inspect your car, so nothing is left unanswered or unknown. And our appraisal is good for 14 days or 500 miles, whichever comes first*, so you've got time to think it over - and compare.
*Vehicle must be in substantially the same condition as when it was originally appraised.

Do you accept trade-ins?
Absolutely. Our team of Experience Guides will be more than happy to work with you from appraising your current vehicle to finding a new pre-owned vehicle that's the perfect fit for you - and your budget.

What if I change my mind on the vehicle I purchase?
We offer a 7-day Vehicle Exchange Program** to ensure all our owners are happy owners. Moreover, each vehicle comes with a 90-day Limited Warranty***.
**See Exchange Certificate for terms & conditions on the 7-day exchange program.
***Under 100,000 miles and current model year plus 8 years back.

What happens when I sell my car?

After you sell your car, there is a little paperwork to do. You'll transfer your title to the new owner, complete a bill of sale, cancel your registration and alert your insurance company. If you need help, we have the necessary documents available to help make it as easy as possible.

What documents do I need to bring in when selling my car?

It depends on the type of sale and if there is a trade-in involved, but it a safe bet to always have a valid drivers license, the title or registration, and lender information (such as lender name, account number, or payoff amount). Check out this complete list of form requirements.
Don't forget that everyone listed on the title & registration must be present when selling a car.