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Hold Your Next Event in our Community Room at EchoPark® Automotive Thornton

At EchoPark® Automotive, we know our role in the community extends far beyond buying, selling and servicing used cars. We seek to contribute in many meaningful ways that bring our neighbors together!

That's why it's our pleasure to offer the use of a complimentary Community Room at our Experience Center at 500 E 104th Ave in Thornton, CO.

Thornton Denver Meeting Space

Available Hours:
Mon - Fri
9:30am - 8:45pm

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Address: 500 E 104th Ave Thornton, CO 80233

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Our Guests Love the Complimentary Community Room!

"The Chassis Lassies Car Club has been meeting at EchoPark® Automotive for our monthly meetings for the last eight months.  We have found EchoPark® personnel very accommodating and the environment conducive for our use.  The community room is always clean, nicely set up and the staff friendly.  Also, they have plenty of parking for our club members.
- Judy Richards, Vice President
"Echo Park has given us the opportunity to share and educate the community about our mission of providing healthy water and true health. The room is spacious, has plenty of seating and state of the art audio/visual capacities which are very helpful. Most importantly, the staff has always been a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Echo Park for opening up your community room to your neighbors!"
 - Bernice Escorpizo
"Again we would like to thank you and your staff for the hospitality you have showed us."
 - Miniature Aero Sportster
The multi-purpose conference room allows members of our community to gather together to conduct a meeting, hold a fundraiser or simply share in a common interest! The room has been reserved to host defensive driving classes, a pancake breakfast and a group of model airplane enthusiasts. Of course, those are just a few of the many possible uses for the meeting space!

The Community Room offers a maximum capacity of 50 people while providing a large TV and speaker system for on-screen presentations. Additionally, we offer private parking to your guests on the conveniently located south lot at EchoPark® Automotive Thornton.

We encourage you to bring food and drink to the community room but ask that your events are no longer than four hours and are concluded by 8:45 PM.

Reservations for the meeting space can be made in three month increments and can used once per month for each organization. We'll send an email one week in advance to confirm any upcoming reservations.

Meeting Room Denver

Please Respect the Community Room Guidelines

  • Parking is available in the south lot
  • There is a private community room entrance to set up and greet your guests
  • Large TV and speakers to display presentations via laptop if needed (no projector or projector screen)
  • Food and drinks are welcomed
  • Max. capacity is 50, however, 36-42 is what can comfortably fit without a tight squeeze
  • We ask that all of the groups guests are out by 8:45pm so our employees can finish closing
  • Maximum meeting time is 4 hours (i.e. 5-9)
  • Reservations can only be made in three month increments. (Guest can book the room once a month for three months)
  • After three months we will evaluate if other groups would like that space on that date and time. If not, we can book again for three months.
All of the info is sent in an email one week prior to their meeting time to reassure that they will still be using it and to clarify any questions or concerns they may have. So far, everyone that has used our meeting space in the Denver metro area has loved it!

The only type of organizations that we cannot have are political, religious and for-profit groups.